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Why Get Licensed?

Licensure is the mark of a professional. It’s a standard recognized by employers and their clients, by governments, and by the public as a dedication to the skill and quality of services provided. New York licenses over 50 professions with five considered as Design Professions (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Geology, and Land Surveying).  

Required in New York State

A person representing themself as a geologist and providing geologic services must be licensed to do so in New York or work under another PG.

Denotes a Specialization in Geology

Only a licensed geologist may prepare, sign, seal and submit geologic reports or documents to any public authority for approval, or seal geologic work for public and private clients.

Demonstrates Basic Competence in Geology

The regulation of the geology profession by licensure provides a higher standard of work than without licensure. The PG candidate has had to prove sufficient education requirements and pass two qualifying exams to become licensed.

Career Advancement

Acquiring a PG license allows a geologist to grow within the industry and shows a commitment to the profession and being a leader. A PG license is required to be able to sign and seal geologic documents and be in responsible charge of a firm or manage additional geologists. PGs can also serve as fully qualified expert witnesses and represent clients for regulatory hearings and adjudications.  

Commitment to Continuing Education

Professional Geologists must continue to demonstrate their competency and improve their skills by fulfilling continuing education requirements as regulated by the State of New York.

Career Flexibility

The PG license allows a geologist to represent themself as a specialist in the field, own their own firms, or manage geology divisions of companies.

NYSCPG is the principal organization of professional geologists responsible for the advancement of the competent and ethical practice of geology in New York State.
If you are a geologist working or studying in New York State, we invite you to join the NYSCPG. We also welcome and appreciate academic and corporate sponsorship. Keep current, keep connected! 

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