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Renewal service is available for licensees of all professions who are in the final 5 months of their current registration period or no more than 4 months past the expiration of their last valid registration period. Here is what you should do, and, more importantly, shouldn’t forget not to do:

Registration Renewal Notice: this notice will contain everything you need to know to renew your license:

  1. It clearly states that this will be the only notice you will receive before your registration expires, so do not accidentally discard this notice, or put it aside and forget about it;
  2. The notice will contain a PIN that you will need to renew your registration.  If you lose the PIN, you will have to request a new one.  You will also need to enter your license number and profession ("Professional Geology");
  3. The notice will contain the web address you will need to renew your registration:;
  4. The notice will also contain a sheet that says “Please Read this and the Enclosed Registration Renewal Document Carefully.”  This is something you should not ignore.  Some of the highlights include:

Renew Online: you are encouraged to renew online.  You can update your address, request an optional professional photo identification card (additional $30), or choose to become inactive.

Month of Birth Renewal System: New York uses a month-of-birth-based registration system.  Since this will be your first renewal, your next renewal cycle will be a transition period. As a result, your new license period will be between 2 and 3 years and end the month prior to your month of birth (e.g., if you received your license in December 2016, and your birthday is in March, your new renewal period will be December 2019 to February 28, 2022).  The registration fee will be prorated so that you only pay for the number of months included in your transition period. After this transition period, your registration periods will be a full three years.

The PG license in New York State

New York State became the 32nd state to require that professional geologists be licensed to practice the profession in the state. Licensure assures the public that decisions regarding geological issues in New York will be made by qualified professionals. New York  agencies recognize the need to protect the public and ensure competency by requiring certain activities be performed by licensed professionals, including geologists. Given the geological issues in New York, there has never been a better time or stronger need to promote the professional licensure of geologists to help protect New York's citizens, natural resources, and the environment. 

NYSCPG is the principal organization of professional geologists responsible for the advancement of the competent and ethical practice of geology in New York State.
If you are a geologist working or studying in New York State, we invite you to join the NYSCPG. We also welcome and appreciate academic and corporate sponsorship. Keep current, keep connected! 

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